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  • Reception areas in both buildings
  • Two fully-equipped kitchens
  • Personalized exterior directory signage and interior nameplate
  • Outside covered spaces & seating
  • Ample parking with nightime lighting

View Meetings Rooms

Meetings Rooms

  • Conference rooms access included
  • Large conference room comfortably seats up to 15 people with a screened-in porch and kitchenette
  • Small conference room accommodates up to 6 people for smaller, more intimate meetings
  • Online conference room reservation system

Business Services

  • Broadband Internet access available for a nominal fee
  • Personal mailing address with a private mailbox
  • Public notary available
  • Twice weekly janitorial services of suites escept for multi-office suites
  • Individual security alarm codes and building keys for 24/7 access

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